Interdisciplinary Centre for Cognitive Language Studies

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Interest Areas

  • language acquisition, (inter-)relations between cognitive and linguistic ontogeny
  • language change, language evolution and decay
  • cognitive aspects of language use, language production and reception (including reading)
  • experimental cognitive linguistics
  • cognitive corpus and computational linguistics
  • language pathology/language disorders
  • language and affect/emotion
  • (multi-)modality, gestures
  • cognitive aspects of second/foreign language learning and teaching
  • intersection linguistic pragmatics – cognitive linguistics
  • innovation, entrenchment, conventionalization
  • figurativity, conceptual metaphor and metonymy, conceptual blending
  • cognitive and pragmatic dimensions of language change
  • grammatical and lexical chunking, collocations
  • Construction Grammar
  • conceptualization/construal, thinking-for-speaking, linguistic relativism
  • contextual and interindividual variation
  • (neuro-)cognitive poetics